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Dec 25, 2017

Natalie Shooter-BrownBook Magazine Editor
Excellent photographer and researcher with great Tehran contacts. Farhad contributed a handful of very strong architecture and community features to Brownbook magazine and a book project and he was a pleasure to work with. Timely, great at communication and willing to go that extra mile to get the photos required.

Michel Eltchaninoff - Producer
Farhad Babaei est d’abord un excellent photographe. Intelligent, fin, il s’inscrit dans votre projet et propose une véritable écriture. Je suis très content des photos qu’il a faites. Par ailleurs, c’est un homme qui connaît parfaitement l’Iran et les Iraniens. Il s’adapte sans problèmes à toutes les situations. Avec lui, nous avons photographié des grands Ayathollas d’habitude inaccessibles. Mon interprète était déstabilisé. Farhad, pas du tout. Il a été parfaitement professionnel. En plus, c’est un excellent compagnon de voyage.

Kim Hjelmgaard-European correspondent/deputy world editor at USA TODAY
Farhad is a really talented photographer who was great to work with: professional, courteous and sensitive to tight deadlines. I would recommend him if you are looking for photos from Iran.

Peter Bitzer-CEO laif

Farhad is a successful documantry photographer in Iran,Punctual and with the high ability of managments. Recommended !

Markus Kalter
Farhad Babaei is one of the photographers represented by laif Agentur fuer Photos & Reportagen GmbH, a leading picture agency in Germany. I would like to make this recommendation more on the basis of my own subjective perception than as an employee of laif GmbH. This is because, being employed on the administrative side of the business, it is really up to the editors at laif, who professionally evaluate photography, to have a say on the photographic value of Farhad´s work.
Farhad´s pictures show a little known world to me as someone who is dependent on mainstream media to look through a window on daily life in the countries he covers. On top of that, Farhad´s pictures always seem like the first sentences of a good story. They draw you in and set your mind working as to what is happening there and what will happen next. His photography starts a trajectory of thinking and feeling that is the hallmark of sound journalistic projects.

Enrico Bossan-Artist director Fabrica Editorial
Farhad Babaei is nicet and person and great photographer

Hedi Lusser - Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius & Co KG
I can totally recommend Farhad Babei – it was a pleasure working with him!

Maximilian Virgili - Capital (Germany)
I have worked with Farhad and can strongly recommend him. The communication was perfect, he delivered a great story and was always really friendly and professional.

Fatemeh HASSANABADI - Renault
Mr. Farhad Babaei worked with us – Renault Pars – in Iran for a sherd project with Renault Corporate  . Renault has an internal Magazine published bimonthly named GLOBAL . for the edition of MAY 2016 , Farhad was assigned to do the photo shooting project for the article about Iran. He is very serious in his job, but with a friendly attitude which makes the hard task very amusing for the team who accompanies him for the projects . he  has a keen eye for social subjects  , makes sympathy with the subject , acts professional with the people who are subjected to his camera and fully respects the laws and regulation for people’s privacy rights  whom maybe included in the frame he wants to shoot . I really enjoyed working with him and Renault Company is also satisfied with the outcome of the report they received.

Natalie Shooter - Brownbook Magazine
Farhad is one of Brownbook's regular freelance photographers in Iran. We've worked with him on a number of stories in Iran, along with a recent book project on the Armenian community in Tehran. Farhad has been a pleasure to work with. He's very reliable, committed and always delivers a high standard of photography even when working on a tight deadline. In addition, he's been heavily involved in the research process for the stories he's worked on, helping us to get access to locations, buildings and communities and scout on the ground. He has a large network of contacts in Iran that has proved invaluable. I'd thoroughly recommend him and his work.


Nov 19, 2017
Photographer Kamaran Najm’s Friends Break Silence on His 2014 Kidnapping

My friendship with Kamaran Najm dates back to 2009 in Iran.we experienced unique moments and memories. we both were born at a dame day and year but from two different countries. I miss him a lot and hope to hear back from him again one day.